***The information I’m about to share is simply that…information.  I did a tremendous amount of research before attempting this process and then only used it because I had no other option.***

For the past few months my glasses had become nearly unwearable.  A network of scratches and haze had obscured and distorted my vision to the point of desperation.  Apparently, the anti-reflective coating on my glasses had become scratched and fogged over the past year.  I wasn’t even aware that I had this coating, it has become the industry standard.  A few tips from others with the same issues alerted me to the AR problem, but offered few solutions other costly replacement.  I’d researched a number of products, only to discover that most of them are pure quackery and leave the eyeglass wearer worse off than before.

It seemed impossible that my glasses could get worse, but they did.  For the past two weeks, my vision has been so horrid that I’m quite sure the last few migraines I’ve experienced are in some way connected.  Fixing them immediately became imperative…

Why am I telling you this?  Because as of this evening, my glasses are as good as new and it took $6.00 and 15 minutes to accomplish this miracle.

The product is called Armour Etch.  It’s a glass etching cream…you know, the kind of stuff that leaves those pretty frosted designs on glass.  The good news:  it doesn’t affect plastic lenses.  The acid in the cream eats through the AR coating and effectively removes all micro-scratching and haze.  Under no circumstances can it be used on any lenses other than plastic.  In my case it took three separate applications of five minutes each.

The first application left my glasses so fogged I was sure I’d ruined them completely.  The second application took away to fog and left quite a few streaks of AR coating.  The third completely removed the remaining AR and now my glasses are as clear as the day I purchased them.

I’m so very, very happy!  I couldn’t afford a new pair and I really, really like these glasses!

The process is not for the feint of heart.  I don’t know if your plastic lenses have to be a certain type, all I know is that it worked and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  I went from unwearable to like new in just a few, short minutes.

Thanking God,