Catholic children are really strange…especially the homeschooled ones.

How many kids do you know who play Catholic Haunted Cemetery?  This is a new one for me…Charlotte pretends to be a nun visiting the graves of two recently deceased altar boys, played convincingly by Arthur and Gareth.

Apparently, the deceased were very, very bad altar boys because now they are zombies, springing from their leafy graves,  terrorizing the poor “nun” and eventually engaging all the spectators in a leaf fight of biblical proportion.   Where do they come up with this stuff?

Very, very weird.

What can I say…they’re my kids…

Emily helps “bury” the altar boys

Charlotte, kneels, prays and makes her own leafy offering:

Attack!!  Altar boys on the rampage!!

Arthur wreaks havoc upon the visitors:

Check out Emily’s protective headgear…it was 85 degrees today:

What are you doing, Charlotte?   “I’m saving these leaves for tomorrow!”

“We might need them…”

I think you better get a few more bags, sweetheart.  There are many acres of leaves around here!