Today we celebrated Charlotte’s seventh birthday.  Brunch with our dear friends, fun with a pinata and a hunt to see where the “birthday fairy” may have hidden a gift or two.

Charlotte’s celebration was quite simple and such great fun.  Take a peek at the day’s joys:

Daddy and Arthur hung the pinata in our favorite tree:

Charlotte took her turn first, swinging seven times, but not managing to break the pinata:

Several children later (and many mighty hits!) and Gawain finally takes it down:

Whoa, slugger! You can stop swinging now, buddy! Like ants at a picnic:


Look where the birthday fairy left an unusual gift:

Did she like her gnome home? Yes…very much! The entire gnome family is now residing on our fall display table:

Look at that smile:

Oh my…that mischievous fairy has hidden another gift in the hollow of a tree!

What a nifty backpack:

Five little girls crowd into a tent…what a happy time:

We spent the rest of the afternoon hiking at Darby Creek. Charlotte put her new backpack and water bottle to good use. It was a glorious way to spend the Sabbath and to wish a sweet seven year old happy birthday…