The very best days are the ones we spend with those who are nearest and dearest…

Wednesday.  I love Wednesday…it’s my “off” day.  Mass, piano and errands usually fill our morning, with the remainder of the day spent in the company of good friends.  Unfortunately, for the past three weeks my dear friend and her children have been quite ill.  I’d begun to despair that we’d never have more than an hour or two together and who knew when.  By God’s grace, they’ve all since recovered and we were finally able to have a whole afternoon together.

If you’ve read Haystack Full of Needles, then you, too, realize the necessity of these opportunities for fellowship and their importance in strengthening and affirming the homeschooling family.  These informal and only moderately structured get-togethers are so uplifting and, quite frankly, just plain ol’ fun!

While Sandra and I relished our conversation, sipping hot Chocolate Mint Tea and eating the most delicious apple cake ever, our children played outside, reveling in the briskness of a glorious October day.  The boys were busy with a very special project, and worked quickly while the girls ate lunch.  Following lunch, our little girls went on a quest…five fairies were hidden under brush and leaves, behind trees and barns.  Only the four boys knew the location of the fairies.  Their mission:  make a pictorial map for each one of the girls, leading them on a merry chase, and eventually, to their prize…a homemade flower fairy made quite simply using wooden doll forms and constructing the wings from the petals of silk flowers in varying colors.

What fun!  The girls truly enjoyed this treasure hunt;  Sandra’s eldest asked if Gareth would make another map so that she could look for her fairy again!

Five hours flew by and soon the flurry-hurry of goodbyes began.  Sandra’s girls changed into their dance gear, gathered coloring sheets and fairies and in a flash the five of them were gone…

Another day of beautiful memories.  So simple…tea, conversation and childish play.  All woven into a beautiful tapestry of friendship and faith.

Our memories: