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FOR TODAY – October 27, 2008

Outside my Window…The sunrise was quite a sight to behold…pink and gold streaks illuminating the azure/indigo blue of the sky.  A fiery ball peeking between the clouds, bright rays of light filling the kitchen.  The clouds.  And darkness.  Today’s forecast:  chance of snow.  In October.

I am thinking…that I feel a bit better than I have over the past two days.  No headache today.

I am thankful for…many good friends, all sharing the same love of the Faith.  For fireside conversations and the laughter of children at play.  For hot coffee and iced tea.  For a refrigerator and cabinets that are significantly better stocked than they were a couple days ago.  For my warm sweater on this very cold October morning…

From the kitchen…bacon, over-easy eggs and toast.  Steaming hot espresso with my favorite creamer.  For dinner:  spiral sliced ham, mashed potatoes, corn and rolls.

In our school room…an enormous model train is occupying most of the floor!  Step gingerly…as for academics:  on track.  I’m quite pleased.  So many things are working for us…may we continue as well as we’ve begun!

I am creating…Let’s see…I’ve knit a tiara this week for a sweet little girl’s birthday.  I really need to finish Emily’s legwarmers.  One down, one to go.  Oh yes…I made two costumes for the little girls to wear for this week’s All Saint’s Day parties.  We have one party being hosted by our homeschooling group and the other on the feast day itself, by our parish Una Voce organization.  Fun, fun, fun!

I am going…to participate in a peaceful protest outside an abortion clinic tomorrow afternoon.  No signs, no slogans…just prayer.

I am wearing…black velvet lounging pants, knit t-shirt and a very warm polar fleece sweater.  And socks.  And a hairclip.

I am reading…I’m always picking up something, re-reading something, but I’m not currently “into” any particular piece of literature at present.  I need a good book…

I am hoping…to tackle the mountain of laundry in my mudroom.  Mountain.  Seriously…it’s frightening!  I’d take a picture, but it would be positively scandalous;)

I am hearing…silence.  The children are sleeping.  Yesterday’s activities were exhausting.  Dad, Arthur and Gawain traveled to West Virginia so that Arthur and his dear friend Patrick could teach a few altar boys the rubrics of the Traditional Latin Mass and then served that extremely well-attended Mass.  Gareth and Galahad spent the afternoon in Cleveland with our dear friend, Hilaire, and toured a fire department/museum.  Emily, Charlotte and I spent the afternoon with my dear friend, Sandra, and her sweet children.  It was quite a full day…

Around the house…laundry.  Laundry.  LAUNDRY!!!!

One of my favorite things…not laundry.  And definitely not folding and hanging laundry.  I like hanging wash on the clothesline.  No chance of that today…frigid, drizzly later and a chance of snow

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…stay warm!!  Evenings will be in the 20’s.  Looks like we’re heading straight for winter…

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

Images from the costume party we attended this weekend:

St. Lucy and St. Cecilia:

A couple of Knights from the Crusades:

A lone knight:

Why is this chef so happy?  Check out his wife…she’s got a “bun” in the oven!!  The best costume ever!

Our delightful host and hostess:  Indiana Jones and his very own Christmas Elf!

It’s not a party unless there’s a bonfire:

Some of the best people you’d ever want to meet.  What a great crowd!

Fire gazing…what a great way to spend the evening!