Mommy…why are we here?

Dressed in a parka, wearing her adorable pumpkin hat, battling the driving wind and temperatures in the 30s, little Emily asked what would seem to be an obvious question.

Sweetie…we’re here to help all the mommies who are in that building.  We’re here to pray for them, because that’s the best thing we can do for those mommies and their babies.  We’re also praying for all the people who work there.  So that they can learn to help mommies and babies. (I never give my young children the details of so heinous an act.  The innocence of the young must be protected at all times!)

Nodding in agreement and clutching her rose-scented rosary, little Emily and her other brothers and sisters happily joined mommy in a peaceful protest outside an abortion clinic.  No signs.  No slogans.  Just the prayerful presence of one mother and six children.

But it was so very, very cold.  An hour seems such a small contribution, but the discomfort of the children was great, though not as great as their fervent prayers, and I’m sure it was a pleasing sight from our Heavenly Father’s vantage.

How edifying that so many people honked and waved.  One gentleman even stopped his car to ask a question.  I must admit, I was fearful of approaching him.  He simply asked us why we were praying.  I told him.  His response:

Ohhh…abortion…God have mercy.  My prayers are with you and would you please pray for me?

We prayed.  Young voices, quavering with the cold, praying for the protection of mommies and babies…

It wasn’t long before Charlotte noticed that the very large building we were praying in front of had many windows, but all of them had been plastered over…not one bit of light from outside would be visible from within.

Why are the windows all blocked up, mommy?

Because of sin, Charlotte.  Do you remember when you took a cookie, and hid under the dining room table to eat it?  Why did you do that?

Because I knew it was wrong and I didn’t want you to see me.

Exactly.  There are sins happening in that building, Charlotte.  They don’t want anyone to see.  They are hiding.

But God sees them!  You can’t ever hide from God…

That’s right, Charlotte.  That’s why we’re here…we’re praying that God’s light will shine in their hearts.  It’s awful that they’re shutting out the Light, the real Light and that’s God…

We finished our prayers and bundled into the car, heading towards home and hot chocolate.   Six children and one mom, happy to have spent time in prayerful witness, praying that one day there will be no such need…