Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s what two of the children have.   Scarlet Fever is simply another name for a strep infection with a rash, and only a few people are sensitive to the toxin present in the strep bacteria.  Charlotte  has a terrible rash and Emily only the very beginning of one, but in all other ways both appear relatively well.  Scarlet Fever conjures such frightening imagery…remember Mary Ingalls from The Little House On The Prairie?  Scarlet Fever robbed her of her vision.  And Beth from Little Women?  Beth was so weakened from her bout of this horrible disease that she later succumbed from the effects of it.  It remains a disease that most people still associate with the days of quarantine.  Now we have Tylenol and Motrin to fight the fever, Amoxicillin to kill the bacteria and Aveeno to help combat the itchiness of the rash.

Roughly $15.00 to cure what used to kill…

Thank God for modern medicine!

Ten days of antibiotics and all will be well.  At present, all are in high spirits and to the casual observer everyone seems to be completely well…except for Charlotte.  The rash looks positively awful and makes her quite uncomfortable.

Please continue to pray for us…we’ve been so well the past several months.  I had such hope that we could continue to be well, but with the mania of the past week’s schedule and contact with lots of other children, illness is inevitable.