…including how to cut your little girls’ hair!

I’ve been cutting the boys’ hair for years.  There’s not much to it…a pair of really good clippers and a #5 guide and you’re set.  Girls on the other hand…not so easy.  In 27 years of raising children, I’ve never attempted anything beyond trimming bangs.

Until last night.

Charlotte really needed a haircut.  The ends of her hair were so thin and damaged, it seemed that a “bob” ala Kit Kittredge would be the best way to go.  She asked if I could do it.  I immediately declined, and decided that perhaps we could budget in a haircut next payday.

And then I decided to check my ultimate resource, the internet.  Sure enough, I found a great page that gave me enough information and I decided I CAN DO THIS!

So I did…

Charlotte was thrilled, Emily was jealous and both girls are pleased to have cute and fashionable “do’s.”

It’s too bad I can’t reach behind my head and cut my own hair…it’s down to my waist and desperately needs to be cut.  I spent a good bit of Saturday morning lamenting the length, threatening to cut it all off.  Later that morning I was standing in a checkout line when an elderly gentleman by the name of Vern (according to his employee name tag) limped over and stared me in the face for a few seconds…

“Yes?” I somewhat nervously queried.

“I Corinthians…I think that’s it, isn’t it?  I Corinthians,” he said with a smile.

“Oh…yes.  I Corinthians.” I had absolutely no idea what on earth he was talking about!

“Long hair is given to woman as a covering.  Her hair is her glory.  It sure takes a lot of discipline doesn’t it?  To keep it long?”  He smiled and limped away behind the counter.

I sighed.  What does that mean?  I’m not Amish or pentecostal…well…I used to be pentecostal, but I’m not now!  I went home and looked up the verse…he paraphrased it pretty well.

When I told my husband (who loves my hair really, really long) he just laughed.  “I guess maybe God’s trying to tell you something…”

OK.  So maybe not really short.   How about a shoulder length bob?