I was an adult when I learned to knit.

Several years ago, as part of a home ec experiment, my three older daughters and I decided to learn something new. We decided we’d learn to knit and Jane was given the task of finding the online resources to help us get started. Jane quickly learned and taught the rest of us.But while the girls were happily knitting away, I struggled, and sought the internet for help. I found a video tutorial by an Englishman named Tom and quickly discovered that Continental knitting was not only faster (for me) but was also more comfortable. I progressed quickly and have continued knitting in that manner for the past twelve years. I’ve taught other adults to knit, and interestingly enough, most of them have chosen to knit American/English, even though I have never taught them to do so…it seemed to come naturally to them.

A couple days ago, my dear friend Sandra began to teach her five year old to knit. I was amazed. I’d tried several months earlier to teach six year old Charlotte, but she quickly became frustrated and gave up on the entire process. We decided to wait. Charlotte is left-handed, and I wasn’t sure if I was approaching this skill in a way that worked best for her. Conferring with Sandra, I began to think perhaps American/English knitting would be the best way for a child to learn. There was only one problem.

I didn’t know how. So…I decided to act like a five year old, holding the needle as awkwardly as possible and trying desperately to remember how Sandra “threw” the yarn with her right hand, while holding the needles in her left.

I did it! It seemed like it would work, but the proof remained with Charlotte. And Emily.

I’m pleased to announce that it took approximately five minutes of instruction with each girl. It was amazing…the whole process clicked and the two have been happily knitting ever since! I sat beside each of them through the first row, checking in on subsequent rows and helping them pick up the inevitable dropped stitch.

What joy! Tomorrow, Sandra and her girls are coming over, knitting bags in tow. It appears a homeschool knitting circle has been born.

Perhaps St. Nicholas will leave a few knitting notions in their shoes in a couple of weeks…yes…that would be perfect!