Mom and kiddies will be on the road today…over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house we go!!

Grandma Beckie had surgery this past Wednesday and could use a bit of help. I’m more than happy to oblige this lovely woman. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving with her, as well, and look forward to our time together. If you would, please pray for us! Grandma needs quiet and rest…entertaining six children and maintaining some semblance of peace will be a challenge!  Hubby and Clementine will follow in a few days, until then, I’m on my own!

My dear husband has been working on his mom’s computer, so we’ll be offline for a couple days…unless I take mine with me…hmmm…tempting…

Blessings to all and my best wishes for a delightful Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: Well…its a good thing we’re spending Thanksgiving with Grandma…my oven just caught fire!  Nothing major…just a flaming element.  The very same thing happened to the dishwasher.  I think we may have an electrical problem in the kitchen.   Prayers?   Thanks!