No ginger.

Apparently, ginger is one of those “must have”  ingredients when one is making gingerbread men.

How on earth do you run out of ginger?!!  I never look at it and frankly, can’t remember the last time I used it…which is probably why I forgot to buy some more when we ran out.

So we’ll make gingerbread next week…

In the meantime, the children enjoyed decorating a few sugar cookies, including the traditional Christmas Rhinoceros

A Christmas Rhinoceros?!

Several years ago, Mom couldn’t find any of her Christmas cookie cutters.   A week before Christmas, the only cutters available were of the typical heart, flower, star variety.  Then I saw the rhinoceros cutter.  Nothing says Christmas like a Rhinoceros!!  The children were tickled, and every year since we’ve made the traditional sugar-sprinkled rhino…

And that delectable morsel beside him?  That is the most fabulous, delicious, yummy, marvelous bit of gooey chocolate-dulche-de-leche-shortbread, ever!!

Thanks to Jenn for the tip on this one…

And the three hours of constant rattling as the can of sweetened condensed milk was cooking?  More than worth it!

But don’t take my word for it…after all, I’m only on my second piece!