…is a husband who sends his wife out to meet a friend for an evening of knitting and conversation, feeding and caring for the six children at home, while he makes much needed repairs to the dryer that hasn’t been working for nearly three weeks…

Yes, friends…much prayer availeth much! We placed the order for the dryer parts on Wednesday and were nearly immediately informed that they were on backorder. I nearly wept. Nearly. Many friends offered the use of their dryers, but distance and time constraints with six children at home, just didn’t help matters. And there was no money for a visit to the laundrymat. So we made the best of it…and kept praying.

And then we ran out of clean clothes…two days ago. Today in desperation, I checked the order once again and found that the parts had been shipped out at 10:00 p.m. Thursday  night and arrived at the UPS facility by 1:00 a.m. Friday. They were delivered to our home this afternoon.

Praise God! I have a working dryer, and no woman has ever looked forward to washing and drying clothes as much as I do now!

Now…here’s the funny part. Looks like I really do need a hair cut! There was so much hair tangled around the shafts of the rollers, that it had made it impossible for them to turn.

My hair killed my dryer…ironic, isn’t it? I have an awful, awful lot of hair. Perhaps if it’s just a bit shorter, it won’t be nearly as hard on the dryer. Or the sink. Or the tub. And the vacuum…oh yeah…and maybe there wouldn’t be nearly as much in my cooking!!