Take one unattractive, itchy, unwanted sweater (purchased for $1.99 at the thrift store!)…

A sharp pair of scissors, a sewing machine and a little ingenuity…

And you end up with a rather nifty bag, just perfect for toting a couple knitting projects, library books or whatever else suits you!

The entire project took only a few minutes, from start to finish. It’s not too late to give a couple handmade gifts…and look at how much sweater is left!! I foresee a couple needle bags or maybe even cut-and-sew mittens.

The thrift store is waiting for you…grab a couple sweaters and get started!

Speaking of gifts…those lovely walnut knitting needles?  Hand-turned and finished by my dear husband, three years ago.  My favorite needles, by far.

Nothing says “love” like handmade!