Eight hours in the ER with a very sick hubby.

Not exactly the way we wanted to start the New Year…thank heavens for antibiotics and pain medication!

The children, while worried that Daddy was so sick, spent a nice evening with Clementine and Arthur in command. Movie night for the boys and “an evening at the spa” for the little girls. To quote Charlotte: “We went to the spa! Clementine gave us our bath and then rubbed this stuff on our feet and hands to make them cleaner and softer, and then we put on this really good smelling lotion to make our skin nicer. She put stuff on our nails to help them grow, too! If I stop biting mine, she’s going to paint them! I’m going to try really hard…”

What a comfort to mom and dad, when the older children take the lead!

Please pray for my dear husband. He’s in a tremendous amount of pain with an abscessed sinus, not to mention extremely high blood pressure…only partially in response to the pain.  He only narrowly escaped hospitalization.  The ER looked like a field hospital trauma unit.  Every chair filled, some people on IV, some on oxygen, some using nebulizers…apparently the flu is here, and every available hospital bed is filled.  It seems to be the same all over Columbus.  Looks like  I’ll be taking lots of Echinacea to ward of the “bugs” I may have been exposed to last night.  May God keep us all well!

This evening, Daddy will stay home and rest, while mom and the children will attend a “pizza and pie potluck” party at the home of a friend. Lots of children, and lots of fun…though we sure wish Daddy were up to it, I think the noise would be a bit much for one who’s suffering.  We’ll return home well before midnight, to ring in the New Year together as a family.

May God bless you all! May the coming year bring every bit of peace, love and joy that God has to offer…