A grumpy Emily.

A grumpy, talkative Emily.

A grumpy, talkative, disobedient Emily. At Mass…

A few whispered words from Mommy, and Emily is on her way to sit beside Daddy. Very, very reluctantly.

She sits. As far as possible, away from Daddy. Daddy smiles and beckons Emily. She’s mad. She won’t be coddled or cajoled, she crosses her arms, and pouts and huffs a typically Emily-ish “hummmph!” By this, we are to know she is very, very mad.

Daddy beckons. Emily won’t budge. She arranges the coats into a wall to separate her from Daddy’s side, still persisting in her grumpiness. Daddy looks at the wall Emily has created. Smiles. And promptly removes the obstacle that is separating them…the coats are deftly deposited on the far side of the pew, out of Emily’s reach.

Watching, rather bemusedly I’m sure, are several seminarians from the Pontifical College Josephinum. These young men smile, watching the little girl do everything she can to distance herself from a loving father. Watching the futility of her struggles. Daddy removes the wall, but waits for Emily to come to him…

She does. With a sigh, she settles down, resting her cheek on his jacketed shoulder.

And sleeps.

She sleeps throughout the Solemn High Mass on the Traditional Feast of the Holy Family, the patronal feast of our parish. And while the homily was positively wonderful…the lesson I observed as I watched this stubborn young girl, reminded me very much of my relationship with God. I stumble. I fall. I get angry. I distance myself. He removes the barriers and waits, ever so patiently for me to come to Him in trust.

For comfort.

For rest.