My goodness…

When I started this whole blogging adventure a little over a year and a half ago, I had no idea  that I’d have so very many visitors nor did I realize what an amazing group of women I’d eventually “meet.”   Though the computer can, in many ways, cause us to isolate ourselves, it can also be a tool of grace and a means of expanding our community, thus fostering relationships that would never have existed due to the constraints of time and distance.

I’m awed and encouraged by my many “sisters…”   What  incredible examples of Catholic womanhood!   Though I’m most certainly one of the “old schoolers” on the block, I learn something new everyday and delight in the sharing of personal joys and sorrows, lesson plans, crafts, catechetical resources, etc. from Moms who strive everyday to make home and hearth, the Domestic Church.

And did I mention generous?

Over the last few months, a handful of these wonderful women have nominated this blog for awards.  Premio Dardo, Octamom, Butterfly and the Marie Antoinette Award are just a few of the ones I remember…my sincere apologies that I haven’t acknowledged them sooner and have even forgotten a couple.   It’s a bit hard for me to receive praise for something I feel so many others are doing so much more effectively!  I’m humbled that the jumble of words that leave my head and make it to a post are occasionally a source of entertainment, information or, God be praised, inspiration.

I would like to thank the wonderful women who have made the information highway a kinder, gentler place.  And while my “daily read” list is really not so very long , there are so many blogs that I still pop in to visit, from time to time…there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get to know everyone as well as I’d like!

There’s hardly a Catholic mom blogger out there who isn’t deserving of one, if not all, of the above awards.  If you haven’t had a blog award lately, pick one or all, post them and tell everyone Kimberly at Catholic Family Vignettes awarded you…you deserve it!