Most Catholics refer to the “deposit of the Faith.” For my guys…it’s more like an arsenal!

Consider my 15yo’s observation (keep in mind that this young man is a Master of Ceremonies for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass…a weighty responsibility!):

Arthur:  “Hey mom…what are the weapons of the Mass?”

Now I’m thinking: the sacraments, grace, worship and adoration…

No.  He had something else in mind, entirely.

Check out this arsenal!

The priest wears a biretta…

this biretta:

is more powerful than this beretta:

He prays the Canon of the Mass:

this Canon:

is more powerful than this cannon:

The priest and congregation use missals:

this Missal:

is more powerful than this missile:

We even let young men carry torches!

this torch:

is much more powerful than this torch:

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass…now you know where we keep our weapons of Mass instruction!

Blessings from the mother of four soldiers in the Lord’s Army,