My Gareth is 9 years old today! Born 5 weeks early after nearly 3 months of bedrest for mom…he started out really small, but is catching up slowly, but surely…

Eternally the “little” brother to the Big Three (Arthur, Gawain and Galahad), and big brother to Charlotte and Emily.

He so wants to be big!  To do all those things the Big Three do…and lives in a state of perpetual frustration that he’s just not quite there yet.

His great loves in life:  serving as an altar boy, watching Curious George, launching rockets, flying remote control airplanes, engaging in warfare with his brothers…

His great dislikes:  Food.  I’m not quite sure just what it is that Gareth is eating.  It used to be peanut butter, but we’ve had to cut that from his diet.  He’s rather like an air plant…pulling sustenance from his environment!  He also intensely dislikes being told he’s “too little” for something.

Here are few pics of my sweet boy…I didn’t have much time to peruse all the family pics, these are just a few quick shots that capture him well.  Gareth and I have been rather busy this morning.  He went shopping with mom for cake making supplies.  It was nice to have him all to myself for a change!

The little bald guy on the end?  That’s Gareth, age 4.

With his best friend, Charis.  Age 5…they’re still friends!

A sweet big brother to Charlotte…when they’re not killing each other!  Age 6…

First Holy Communion…age 7

Ready to don that size 7 cassock!  He’s hardly missed a Sunday serving since…

Dad’s big helper…age 8

Wanting to be one of the big boys…

Just a few days before he turned 9!

Happy Birthday, big guy!!

I love you,