…makes it a lot easier to wake up at 5:30 a.m. for a very special Mass.

This morning, the children and I rose well before the sun to ready ourselves for an hour’s trip to the retreat center where my husband and oldest son spent the weekend.  The wonderful priest who directed the retreat wished to offer a Solemn High Mass this morning and needed servers.  The three young men at home were only too delighted to join their older brother on the altar!

Cold, dark, icy and snowy…the trip was mostly silent, as the children were very sleepy.  How happy we were to see Daddy, though our visit was short…we attended that beautiful Mass, kissed Daddy and Arthur goodbye and returned home.

Tonight…a relatively quiet evening at home…there are six children here, after all!  My men returned home this afternoon; happy, refreshed and a little shell-shocked after all of the silence!  I’m afraid there’s not a lot of that to be had here…but there is a lot of love.

I’m so very happy for them and so very glad they’re back!  Thank you all for your sweet prayers…