Ah, March. It’s in the air…the promise of spring on this fine, soon-to-be nearly 60 degree day! After Monday’s arctic freeze, this is a most welcome heat wave! We’ve managed to battle the worst of the cold and flu season, and in spite of a few lingering coughs, most of the crew feel pretty well. Despite feeling that I’m a month behind in life, I’m more than happy to share a few Small Successes:

1.  I sewed hair on a frog.  A very large, very green and fuzzy, stuffed frog.  I thought it was kind of silly, but Emily insists that Snoopy the Frog is a girl.  And she needed hair.  I couldn’t let her glue it on!

2. Really scrubbed the kitchen counter tops, stove, hood and cabinets. Nope…we weren’t having guests over, I just took another mom’s advice and cleaned for my family like I would for company!

3. Overcame a great temptation. Last night, I was able to dine out with friends for the first time since October. Giddy, I stayed as long as possible, and then returned home only to discover that the previously clean kitchen (see Small Success #2, above) had been completely trashed. My sweet hubby had taken the burden of cooking dinner, and the kitchen, was, well…pretty much what I expected.  BUT…what I didn’t expect was the veal parmagiana that was leaking down the side of the trash can onto the floor. The plates that hadn’t been cleared. The wadded napkins on the counter, greasy spatters and splashes of tomato sauce here and there, etc., etc., etc…I was making a mental tally of all the offenses I could. And then I stopped tallying. Here was an opportunity for patience and I felt anything but! So…I took a deep breath and began clearing the mess…Jesus, Mary and Joseph please help me…I actually said those words aloud…

And then I heard it. A whispering murmur…my family in prayer. In an instant, my messy kitchen had never looked more beautiful. How happy I was that they weren’t cleaning my kitchen. My family was praying and nothing, nothing, not even an immaculately clean kitchen, could’ve made me happier!

I dropped the paper towel and headed towards the living room. There they were, shrouded in darkness, except for the light of blessed candles. My husband was leading the children in the evening Rosary. I entered the room as silently as possible and was able to pray the Hail, Holy Queen, St. Michael Prayer and the Act of Contrition with my family.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening…and the dishes were still there in the morning!

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