I’ve spent a lot of my life hiding…

Hiding behind hats, turtlenecks pulled up as high as they’ll go.  Hiding behind glasses, long bangs, long hair and books.  My hair has been the best possible “cover,” though recently I’ve been making a few changes…

After much encouragement from friends and family, I finally decided to grow out my bangs.  It was a painful process.  Silly barrets and headbands forced me to reveal far more than I really wanted to.  But, I persevered, and was pleased that I’d made the transition.  I can now wear hats whenever I want and don’t have to worry about “hat hair.”

In the process of growing out my bangs, my hair grew longer and longer until it finally reached that place…the place where people say “wow…your hair is…really…long!” They would occasionally add “beautiful” for good measure, but would soon find themselves rethinking the compliment after extracting a long strand from their dinner!

So I made plans to get it cut.  It was about as long as it had ever been…I hadn’t had a haircut in nearly 18 months.

So I snapped a picture and joined Clem at the salon where I had a whopping 13 inches lopped off.



I’m a bit shell-shocked.  I feel naked, revealed, forced out of hiding and a bit self-conscious.  It’s not all bad, or I obviously wouldn’t be posting a picture!  The haircut is cute…trendy and light…but I feel odd.  I keep thinking about this experience, wondering if I should have left well enough, alone…I opted to skip the highlights…one shock at a time!

It’s just hair, and mine grows so fast.  A year from now it will be ridiculously long, once again…because I can only stay out of hiding for so long.  My husband likes it, though he wouldn’t have complained if I’d left it as it was, either.  The children are funny:  Arthur shook his head sadly, Gawain asked why I did it, Galahad said I looked “very nice,” Gareth said nothing, Charlotte screamed and said “your friends aren’t going to remember you!” and little Emily said “pretty hair, Mommy…you look like Clem!”

BTW…Clementine loves it.  She’s been begging me for months to do it.

So it’s done.  Shorter than I wanted it.  Too short to put on top of my head.  That said, not all change is bad and Clem and I had fun together…besides, she’s been giving me lots of styling tips!