Wow…we’re nearly halfway through March! This weekend was amazing…temperatures in the 70’s, now followed by an arctic chill…still, spring is in the air and the promise of the coming joy of Easter is a constant source of comfort as we journey through Lent. Time to focus on those “small successes…”

1.  Finally cut my hair.  It was rather traumatic, but it does look much better!

2.  I’m struggling with my Lenten cleaning list, but have managed to clear out the coat closet, box up all the outgrown winter things for the thrift store and have managed to keep it clean and organized for the past few days.  I’ve also cleared several surfaces, vacuumed the stairs and am going to focus on keeping up with the laundry…not just getting it done!

3.  Taught Emily and Charlotte the Act of Contrition. You have to hear it:

Aren’t they sweet?

Seven year old Charlotte is preparing for her First Confession, so we began reciting the Act of Contrition following the evening Rosary.  It’s amazing how quickly both she and Emily picked it up!

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