Yesterday, all the guys in the family spent the day on yard chores.  Clearing the large garden patch and the herb and tomato patch, destroying the old chicken coop to make way for the new one, hauling trash and burning brush and rubbish, made for a busy day.

Unfortunately, Galahad and mom are under the weather.  Galahad’s cough is terrible…a smoky bonfire would have only worsened it.  Mom spent the afternoon at Urgent Medical for treatment of a three day migraine and kidney infection…no fun at all.

So the two of us stayed in.  Ah, well…you do what you have to and thank God things aren’t worse!

It’s amazing how much needs to be done to accommodate four chickens!  Everyone is quite excited, though it seems we’re going to have to be hyper-vigilant when the ladies arrive…

Someone else has been watching the flurry of activity:

Yes…a hawk.  We have lots of them…this guy is kind of small (I think it’s a kestrel…anyone, anyone?).  A bit of research reveals that kestrels won’t bother full grown chickens, but I’m sure he’s more than able to pick up a few chicks!  I spied him from the kitchen window and quickly took a few pictures, just in case we need to identify him in a police line up…

He’d better leave my chickens alone and stick to the field mice…there are plenty to be had!