Pekne-li na Svatého Josefa, bývá dobrý rok…

If it is nice on St. Joseph’s Day, it will usually be a good year…

Czech proverb

Oh, that our beloved Saint’s feast day had come yesterday!  The weather was beautiful…breezy, warm and sunny.  By evening, the temperature had dropped significantly and light rain had begun to fall.  It seems the feast of St. Joseph will be a drizzly, cold and not-so-spring-like day.

**UPDATE**Bright sunshine, not a cloud in the sky and nearly 50 degrees!! Looks to be an amazing day…

Not to fear!  There are still many ways to celebrate St. Joseph and all fathers, as is customary, despite the dreary weather.

Are you familiar with the tradition of the St. Joseph Table or Altar?

The effect of the table design is dignified, solemn, yet festive, grand and inspiring. Much symbolism is contained in its shape and decoration. The “steps” represent the ascent from earth to heaven. On the topmost step is a statue of St. Joseph or a picture of the Holy Family. White linen tablecloths cover the table. Vigil lights of green, brown and deep yellow, representing St. Joseph’s attire, are profusely placed. Palms placed nearby and around the room, as well as lily plants and white carnations give the table softness and the scents together with incense used in the opening of the ceremony are suggestive of the fragrance of heaven and the sweetness of salvation.

You can read the rest here.

There are no end of recipes to help you get started…should you lack the time or resources to prepare a table or altar, a loaf of homemade bread, braided and shaped into a “crook” or “staff” served with the evening meal, would be a nice way to honor Good Saint Joseph.

Here are a few links to help you get started:

St. Joseph’s Day Bread

St. Joseph’s Day Cream Puffs

Pane Di San Giuseppe

Traditional Recipes For the St. Joseph Table

Viva San Giuseppe!

We’ll probably keep things simple.  The braided bread served with Minestrone will be a big hit with the children and Verdure alla Pastella would be a delicious and delightful side dish…and a crafty way to sneak in a few green veggies!  For dessert:  Farfallette Dolci.  All of these dishes are simple enough for the children to assist in preparing, with many of the ingredients readily available in the average kitchen.

Don’t forget to check out Catholic Cuisine for additional recipes!

Looking for a few hands-on activities?  Check out the following:

Start your day with the Litany of St. Joseph

Attend Mass at a Church named for St. Joseph…follow the usual requirements and receive a plenary indulgence!

Pay a visit to the Virtual St. Joseph’s Altar

Construct a 3D paper cut-out St. Joseph’s Altar…there are a few really great coloring pages, as well!

Happy Feast of St. Joseph!