Standing outside yesterday afternoon, barefoot, hanging sweetly-scented laundry in the cool breeze, I felt rejuvenated as I haven’t in such a long time.  The winter gloom that had slowly crept into my soul is being dispelled by the promise of spring.  And while my heart yearns for joy, I try to keep in my mind this:  there can be no Easter Alleluia without Good Friday’s Suffering…

My “small successes” seem very, very small this week, and yet, as I struggle towards restoring order to home and hearth, these “little things” mean more than ever!

1.  My schedule is coming together.  I pray God will grant me the spirit of perseverance to stick to it and restore the order that I’d worked so hard to cultivate over a quarter century of housewifery and homemaking.  It’s amazing how much last years trials and traumas took me down.  It’s long past time to dust off and reclaim the title “heart of the home…”
2. Spent the afternoon of St. Patrick’s Day enjoying the glories of nature with my husband and children.  Fresh air and sunshine are good for the body and the soul!
3. Created our very first St. Joseph’s Table…it’s still under construction, as we will be baking a few goodies to place at the foot of the “steps to heaven…”

Here it is:

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