A very small portion of this morning’s homily, paraphrasing as well as I’m able:

“Many priests have entered a sacristy, having read, heard or seen these words:

Just for today, offer this Mass as though it were your very first Mass, your very last Mass…your only Mass.

And so should we receive our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament!  Just for today, receive Him as though this were your First Holy Communion, your only communion…your viaticum…we can never give Him enough reverence!

And how wonderful would the world be, if we would only apply that same admonition to every aspect of our lives!

Husbands…every morning before you leave for work, kiss your wife as though it were your first kiss, your last kiss, the only kiss you would ever share…

Parents…hug your children everyday as though it were the first hug you ever gave them, the only hug you would ever give…and the last…”

Laetare Sunday in Lent…such beautiful food for the soul, these words…