Ahh…spring.  Yes…it’s really here!  Green grass, daffodils in bloom and a clothesline beckoning for load after load of freshly washed clothing.  The part for the washer arrived yesterday, and my sweet hubby worked until 2:30 a.m. repairing it.  He’s amazing.  The parts weren’t cheap, and combined with his labor, he saved us well over $600.00.  Can I say it one more time?  He’s amazing…

Now that I’ve shared his, here are a few of my small successes:

1. Purged the closets and drawers of winter clothing, packed them away and replenished everyone’s wardrobe with spring and summer fare…I love to see linen and seersucker hanging in the closets!

2. Decluttered the master bedroom, hauled out two 33 gallon bags for the thrift store.  My 40 bag tally is up to 15 now…25 to go!

3. Cleaned under the livingroom sofa and purged files…filled a 13 gallon bag with shredded paper.  Boy, did that feel good!

4. I’m adding this one, though it’s not quite accomplished.  A beautiful 70 degree day is in the works and I’m joyfully, happily, excitedly and madly washing clothes!  All day!!  And hanging them in the fresh, cool breeze!!  I’ve already done two loads…washing has never been a more blissful experience!  Once again, I’m excited to be laying it all on the line…

A happy sight:


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