Apparently, our good friend Hilaire was right…feed the children an amazingly large breakfast right after Mass, and you’ll get no end of work out of them!

Here are just a few of the amazing things they said throughout the work day:

Gareth:  What’s my next job…I need more work! (Did he really say that??!!)

Charlotte:  This is more fun than playing outside! (You’ve got to be kidding me!  What was in those eggs?)

Emily:  Let me do it!  Here, I’ll do that too…can I mop? (From now on, sweetie!)

Arthur:  I’m so proud of them.  Look at how hard everyone’s working! (He’s such a man now…)

Gawain:  Look mom…look how much more space I made in the pantry.  Isn’t it great? (You’re great, Gawain!)

Galahad:  Look what we did, Dad!  We did it to surprise you and appreciate Mom! (I feel very, very appreciated!)

Day one down, two more to go.  We’ve organized kitchen cabinets, rearranged the kitchen.  I moved the freezer and cleaned under it.  <shudder> It was disgusting.  On the plus side:  I found six butter knives, two forks and two spoons.

Oh…and we had to get rid of this guy:

Yes, indeedy…that’s our Halloween pumpkin. We became very fond of it, as the days went by, marveling at its longevity. I had even joked about painting it like an Easter egg. I attempted to lift it by its stem and squish…it’s out in the corn field now!

Today we’ll work on the dining room and mudroom, and tackle the livingroom if we have time.  Tomorrow:  upstairs…time to declutter the children’s rooms.  Maybe I should’ve scheduled two days for the upstairs…

Here’s the crew, hard at work: