…we await the resurrection of our Lord!

Oh, so much activity during the early part of the week!  We spent Monday thru Wednesday on our Easter Cleaning.  Status report:  quite a few things accomplished, though much left undone.  Mom was waylaid by a migraine and took that as the cue to slow down, reflect, rest and recharge.  That’s what we did.

Thursday, we attended Mass, came home to a crockpot full of soup and prepared for Good Friday.  We spent most of the day at Church, attending the Traditional Good Friday Liturgy.  Sorrowful and somber, we returned home for a quiet afternoon.

Our Lord now rests in the tomb.

A large stone covers the opening…

We wait…oh, how we long for the joy of the Resurrection…

Holy Saturday…time to make preparations for Easter Sunday!

We’ve stuffed the cascarones

Sealed them…

And decorated them.  What fun will be had, smashing them on one another’s heads!

We’ve stuffed plastic eggs for our egg hunt, and decorated more than 5 dozen hardboiled eggs:

And Mom’s been such a copycat! Take a look at the really cute shrugs and the sweet hats inspired by two lovely moms with a lot of creativity:

It never ceases to amaze me. Lent seems to stretch on and on, endlessly…a journey of painful self-discovery and Easter seems so far away. And then it’s here! Easter Sunday…and our joy is complete…

I pray this Easter Season brings great joy to each and everyone of you, dear friends!  May you rejoice in the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior…may God grant you peace and every good thing!