Sitting in the passenger seat of the van, packed and ready for a day trip with the children.  At the request of his father, Arthur, age 15, hops out of the vehicle to make sure all doors to the house are locked.  He does and then makes a quick trip to the side yard, before returning to the vehicle.  Hurriedly swinging his long and lanky frame through the increasingly narrow doorway, he quickly drops a handful of daffodils on my lap.  He smiles…no words, just that boyish grin that so charms me, reminding me of the little guy he was.

And then the “flash”…the memory of that grubby handed, blond cherub, a sprinkling of freckles across his nose, offering a messy bouquet of dandelions and Queen Ann’s lace to his mommy…

Little boys become big boys, and too soon, young men.  But here’s the good news:  they will always want to pick flowers for mom!

And if today’s “shower of flowers” is any indication, I’ll be up to my eyes in flowers for many years to come!

Behold!  My computer monitor…a bower of dandelions, jonquils, wild sage and cherry blossoms.  A gift from Gareth:

And this lovely bouquet:  picked with pride by my dear Galahad:

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, my boys have filled my day with the joy of Spring!