I hardly know what to say, dear friends…so let me say this:

Thank you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

Your prayers are so precious…your kind words and encouragement at the very moment I needed it most, yet again demonstrates God’s Providential care.  No detail, no need is ever too small.

It’s so hard for me to ask for help.  I’m so used to being the answer person, the “fixer”, the counselor…I know my Good God is calling me to a greater dependence upon Him, and also to greater humility…for it is humbling to have to admit that I don’t have all the answers.  I struggle, stumble and fall so many times!  But how sweet it is, to feel that crushing weight and then realize how the prayers of others are lifting it!  How God must delight in our resourcefulness…like any proud parent who watches a child struggling with a difficult situation and then witnesses the child’s perseverance and creativity in solving the dilemma…

All of you, dear friends, have provided such solid advice and comfort!  I want so much to respond to each sweet comment, each word of encouragement…for now please accept my sincere thanks and promised prayers for all of you at this evening’s Adoration.

I know the devil has been on my back…I think he’s pretty upset that hubby and I have signed up for Adoration.  A friend who has been a consistent Adorer for many years told us that along with the great graces that our Lord will shower upon us for watching with Him, Satan will also endeavor to discourage and dissuade us in every way he can.  And he will hit us where we are weakest.  Well…I’ve been given a pretty good look at my weaknesses!

It is amazing, that after so many years of home educating, I can still fall for the same lies that I once told myself.  Insecurity can rear its ugly head so quickly, that I barely have time to recognize it for what it is…a nasty trick, one designed to discourage and disorient.  Thank God for encouraging words like these:

You needn’t worry. You are God’s dear, dear daughter. Trust in Him.

I was home-schooled my entire life, Kimberly. My devoted father and mother sacrificed everything to this end. I can remember so very well how often my mom feared she was failing us. Her tears and her pain, when I think of it now as a mother myself, must have been unfathomable. But all of her fears were just the opportunity for her to trust in the Divine Teacher. Most importantly, she was giving us the Faith – all ELEVEN of us – teaching eight at one time. But she was also giving us a superb education. Her consolation cannot have been enjoyed until 22 years after she started on her difficult journey to keep us Catholic – all of us. But to give you an idea of this “insufficient” education that was being imparted by this ordinary mother/teacher (extraordinary in my book), I will simply give you the facts…8 of us were accepted to major university (the others chose trade school or junior college for financial reasons), all graduated with BA/BS degrees with honors, three of whom earned Summa Cum Laude accolades. One brother graduated Salutatorian from Loyola Marymount University. That being said, what truly matters is that we all have the Faith! You may not know your reward here. You don’t need to. Your reward is in Heaven a hundred fold. May God bless every mother who perseveres in carrying so heavy a cross for His honor and Glory. He knows well that you are tired but He knows also that He has made you strong. Persevere. When you see only one set of footprints, it is then that He is carrying you.

With Love in Prayers,
A Friend in Christ

Straight from the combox…thank you Megan (I hope you don’t mind that I posted it)! Words from a young woman who is living the life that we are all striving to give our children.    I think that message is not for me alone, but for all homeschooling moms.  Encouraging words, indeed!

Today is a better day.  Things have evened out a bit, and while I’m still struggling with self-recrimination for things done and undone, I feel that hope that comes from being lifted up in prayer, and blessed by a loving God.

Happy Thursday, friends.  May your day be one of peace, grace and joy…