So sorry to leave everyone hanging with the cryptic post regarding medical tests, blood clots, etc.

Good news:  No blood clot!

Bad news:  Hypertension!

Still awaiting the results of several blood tests…I thought I’d dodged a few bullets when I heard the initial results, but then discovered that was only the CBC.  The rest of the panel has just been forwarded to my doctor.  Here’s hoping!

While I certainly don’t relish the idea of combating hypertension, what a blessing to be able to pick up a $3.00 prescription to fight this ugly disease. Not to mention taking that 81 mg. yummy-and-chewable baby aspirin…talk about a blast from the past.  That one little tablet does a world of good in protecting one from the possibility of stroke or heart attack.  Funny thing about those baby aspirin.  My mom just brought me that bottle, thinking I might need them for the children.  I chided her…telling her parents don’t give children baby aspirin, that the danger of Reye’s Syndrome was too great.  There hasn’t been a bottle of baby aspirin in my medicine cabinet, ever.  The first thing the doctor told me:  Go home and take a baby aspirin.  Isn’t that amazing?  God’s Providence, once again.  I now have a daily medication regimen, for the first time in my life.

Two little pills…

So many are not nearly so fortunate and face a lifetime of chronic illness, requiring many medications.  I’ll try not to complain…well, not too much!

I’ve always had chronically low blood pressure.  Alas, hypertension must start somewhere and this one really crept up on me.  I’ve been so focused on the externals, that I’ve missed a variety of internal cues.  The stress and the angst of the past few weeks apparently grew their roots from this disease…emotions and externals then feed the “beast.”

Well.  Here’s the blessing:  if I ever needed a swift kick in the pants to get back on the road to health and fitness, here it is!  Time to practice what I preach.

I owe my husband, my children, and most importantly, my God.  They deserve a healthy wife, mother and loving servant.  It’s kind of hard to do what needs to be done when you aren’t taking good care of “the temple.”

Thanks for your many prayers and loving concern.  I’m so very, very blessed…