Meet the kittens…

Our Lucy is a mother.  This tiny little cat, part of a litter discovered under one of the outbuildings last year, has lingered on our property every since.  Her parents and litter mates are long gone, and she alone, half wild, has remained, ridding the outbuildings of mice and other vermin in exchange for her meals.

It has been an equitable arrangement, and since our sweet Cookie Monster has been gone for more than 4 months now, she’s filled a void…though she doesn’t really allow us to pet or hold her.

Small as she is, she’s now given birth to four of the most adorable kittens I’ve ever seen…and what fun!

We’ve made the tragic mistake of naming them…which will make the inevitable parting with at least three of them very sad…though I’m sure they’d manage to fend for themselves, it seems rather cruel to allow them to remain wild and uncared for.  So, a couple weeks from now we’ll be finding homes for them.

Except for this little lady:


Yes…I’ve been suckered in.  Not by the children, but by the funny and charming antics of this little kitten, no bigger than a minute, with a sweet face and great personality.

Now…if only we can find homes for little Tink, Daisy and Buster-Kitten (named for the great Buster Keaton!) And, inevitably, arrange for the capture and spaying of sweet Lucy. One of the hazards of rural living is the assumption that every farm needs another cat. And another. And another, until city folk from far and wide turn the entire country side into a drop-off zone for unwanted pets.  Our Cookie was one such drop-off, and as delighted as we were to care for him, we simply can’t afford to provide for a multitude of pets!

Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy these sweet little kitties…they are delightful to watch and will make great pets…for another family.