May is such a busy month…a month of feast days, birthdays, and school days…

Add doctor visits and a homeschool conference to the mix and it becomes chaotic!

My dear Galahad…such a sweet, darling boy.  Today is his birthday.mike

Today mom is really, really busy…

Doctor appointment this a.m., a messy house to tend with, and a homeschool conference this evening…

While I’ve promised to make it up to him tomorrow, I feel my good young man has been short changed.  Does he complain?  Not one bit.

Seeing my consternation, he seeks to comfort me.  “We can have a big dinner tomorrow, mom.  It’s okay with me!”

He’s such an amazing boy…beautiful red/gold hair thick as a bush, a sprinkling of freckles across his nose, a smile that never quits, ready to defend the underdog, an independent thinker/inventor, lover of nature, an excellent cook and God willing, one day…a priest.

Tomorrow we’ll fire up the grill and have that big celebration for my dear young man.  Eleven blessed years on this earth, and while his pseudonym belies the fact that he is named for two angels, the gallantry associated with that same pseudonym suits him as well.

Happy Birthday, son.  Mom and Dad love you!