Neither wind, nor rain, nor rough waters shall keep the intrepid fishermen from their appointment with destiny!

Such was yesterday’s weather when Hilaire took the boys for a day of charter boat fishing on Lake Erie.  Despite the gloomy weather the gentleman had a rollicking good time.  And if that cooler full of fish is any indication, a productive one, as well!

Rising at 4:00 a.m. is no easy task, but when the promise is a day of fishing, it’s amazing how much easier that task becomes.  Hilaire took some really great video and photos of the day’s highlights.  Here’s a peek at the day:

The birthday boy…Hilaire gave Galahad the option of a trip of his own, or one to share with his brothers. Galahad wanted to share the fun…thank you, Hilaire for your generosity!

Gareth was anxious to get on board, lest he be left behind:

Gareth and Galahad. Two very happy young men!

Gawain, looking decidedly “cool” in his shades:

Arthur pulled in quite a few big ones:

Gareth is rather impressed by this fresh water drum…unfortunately, this guy isn’t edible:

Hook removal is an art…Galahad worked hard at perfecting it:

And they just kept on coming in…

Hilaire, Arthur, Gawain, Galahad and Gareth…and their haul!

And this video. Look at those guys…so proud of themselves!

Looks like fun, huh?

And while the cleaning process was disgusting to say the least, we have a great big bag full of perch fillets. Guess what’s for dinner this Friday?

Friday fish…and everybody’s happy!