Dear Friends:

It’s been such a pleasure writing for you.  Sharing our ups and downs, ins and outs…all the lovely joy and chaos of what makes this large Catholic family tick.  It’s been lovely peeking into your window, as well.  Connecting with other families sharing the same vision has been one of the unexpected pleasures of this venue.

Alas, I must say goodbye for a time…I’m not quite sure for how long.   Catholic Family Vignettes will become a  private blog, open by invitation only.  If you’re a friend, family member or devoted reader, please email your request, if I should fail to send you an invitation.  I regret the necessity of this action…there has been no single event that has led to this decision, just an increasing concern over just how much one should and should not reveal about those most precious to us, and most vulnerable…in my case, my dear children.

I will continue to write…I can’t imagine not.  This blog is my journal.  All the hopes, dreams, joys, stress, fear, faith and wonder of the past two years have been carefully chronicled here.  I truly take great joy in having such a pleasant and easy to use resource for keeping these memories.  But having to change names, dates and locations to protect my children and thus altering my “truth” has become exhausting.  And while I’ve continued to beseech Heaven for assistance, I’m simply not vigilant enough.

Every Sunday, for many years now, I’ve knelt at the altar of Our Lady.   This is what I pray:

“Blessed Mother…please help guard and preserve the innocence and purity of my children. Let me do nothing to damage that precious gift. Help me mother, to make my heart like yours. Help me to cultivate the same spirit of humility that you have. Help me to make my home like yours. May our family be like the Holy Family of Nazareth. Guard my heart and mind, Mother, that I might guard the hearts and minds of my children.”

“…guard and preserve the innocence and purity of my children…”

This request is both blessing and burden, for much is required to accomplish that end, in a world that values neither innocence nor purity.   I need to spend more time focusing on their needs and our prayer life to accomplish this.  Less time writing, more time reading.  Less time speaking, more time listening.  And all bathed in prayer…

For my dear, dear friends who remain in the blogosphere:  Please, please don’t take my actions as condemnation of your own!  There is no judgment here…this simply isn’t working for me and my family…atthistime.  I pray that each of you be blessed in all your efforts, that God guide all your endeavours, and that you experience only the good of this public venue.

Perhaps when I’ve stepped back for a bit, and have distanced myself from the public forum, my vision will clear.  Until then…look for me in your combox and stats!  I’ll still pop by from time to time to visit…and to seek a bit of encouragement myself!

May God bless and keep you,

P.S.  The blog remains open until Monday, at which time I’ll mark it private.