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FOR TODAY – July 20, 2009

Outside my Window…Clouds and a slight breeze…a bit chilly…61 degrees.

Thinking…about order and simplicity.  How our God has called us out of chaos to order.  Order in our homes, order in our worship, order in our relationships with one another…

Thankful for…good priests, fearlessly proclaiming God’s word, faithfully teaching and admonishing their flocks…may God increase their numbers!

From the kitchen…yummy-delicious zucchini bread baking.  Spiral ham slices on toast for hubby and steaming hot cups of coffee laced with Chocolate Caramel Creamer for both of us.  For dinner:  Ribollita (the boys have eaten most of the leftover ham!!), backed chicken with herbs, rosemary and garlic potatoes, orzo and mixed veggies, salad and Italian bread.

Faith and learning…a few interesting changes.  I’ve moved the classroom downstairs, for so many practical reasons.   Upstairs:  hot in the summer, cold in the winter…and away from the action of daily life.  Now the classroom is an extension of our family living space and flows quite naturally.  I love it!  And the most amazing bonus:  we now have a chapel!!!  My sweet boy, Galahad, has long desired to have a chapel in the house.  Complete with church pew and kneeler, the chapel is the former classroom…and is the first room one walks into before bed and after rising, reminding us to start and end every day with prayer.  Galahad has been adding all the little touches to make his chapel “special” and has already adorned the family altar with candles, the bible and a variety of spiritual reading material.  He and the boys now have the perfect practice spot for rehearsing with Gareth the many different actions of MC, acolyte, thurifer, crucifer, torch bearer, etc.  What a blessing!

Creating…a ***********.  It’s a secret…shhh…and yes, dad…I’m still working on your socks!

Planning…everything.  And I have such peace about it.  I’m even creating my own planner based on the Traditional Latin Mass feast days.  As much as I love the many wonderful planners out there, it’s difficult to find anything that follows the Old Calendar.  Mine is coming along nicely…almost…finished…

Wearing…Well…I’d like to say that I’m beautifully coiffed and attired, but quite frankly, I’m still wearing my favorite snow-white victorian styled nightgown.  It is lovely…something right out of Godey’s Lady’s Book.

ReadingIt’s All Too Much.  What a great motivator for those seeking greater order and detachment from material goods.  And to keep the spiritual perspective on decluttering, I also downloaded Simplifying Your Domestic Church.  I’m armed and ready…

Praying…for God to sustain and strengthen me as I continue to work towards greater self-discipline, order and simplicity…all wrapped in the humble realization that I can’t do this without Him!

Hearing…the whir of the ceiling fan and birdsong outside my window…

Around the house…greater order than weeks past.  And that which is not ordered no longer causes me to despair.  True balance begins inside, not outside!

One of my favorite things…zucchini bread.  It’s a good thing…with the enormous amount of zucchini that the garden is producing, we’ll be eating a lot of it.  Any other fabulous zucchini recipes out there?

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…finish assembling my school book list, “detach” from a few more wordly goods and work on my school day schedule…we start school on September 7th.

Here’s a picture thought I am sharing with you

Gracie…lounging in a patch of sunlight. What a sweet picture.