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FOR TODAY – July 27, 2009

Outside my Window…bright sunshine, green grass and acres of soy.  It’s a deliciously cool 61 degrees…

Thinking…about my tomato plants.  Not…one…ripe…tomato.  It’s been far too cold.  But when they do ripen…watch out!  I’ll be up to my ears…

Thankful for…the same cool weather that’s keeping my tomatoes from ripening!  Low humidity and beautifully cool mornings and days have made for a lovely summer.  I function so much better in cooler temps.  The first 24 years of my marriage were air-conditioned years.  During the summer months I went from air conditioned car, to air conditioned stores, to air conditioned Church and back to my air conditioned home.  I didn’t think I could live without it.  It’s amazing when you discover just what you can live without!  The first two years in Ohio were the worst…humidity and high temperatures unlike anything I’d ever experienced…and that includes my childhood in Florida!  Day after day of temperature indices in the 100s (you folks in Texas know what I’m talking about!)  Our first year in the country was a little better…the wind is constant here, and it’s amazing what air flow can accomplish.  The second year was even better, and this year is turning out to be amazing…and a little odd!  If this is global warming, then I say bring it on!

From the kitchen…the yummy smell of yet another two loaves of zucchini bread.  I’m baking two to four loaves a day and still haven’t made a dent in the mother lode of zucchini that we continue to harvest.  Lunch:  homemade pizzas.  The little girls are looking forward to making their own.  This evening:  balsamic grilled chicken, green beans from the garden, fried squash and salad.  Maybe some mac n’ cheese for the little girls as a special treat with dinner.

Faith and learning…I’ve assembled our family reading list for this year.  It’s amazing how many things I need to re-read!  The little girls were too small when we began The Chronicles of Narnia…now they’re just the right age to grasp the story.  And then there’s poetry!  This summer the boy’s and I read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner…too creepy…of course, they loved it.  I’m also re-reading Dante’s Divine Comedy.  It’s amazing how much more one appreciates these classic works as an adult.

Creating…the same ***********.  It’s coming along nicely.  Also, tweaking my traditional liturgical planner.  The working title:  Embracing Tradition:  A traditional Catholic planner for living the liturgical year.  I’m working on creating a preview…Scribd isn’t translating it properly.  I’ll keep you posted!

Planning…school year, household chores, long term/short term goals, menus…you name it.

Wearing…tshirt, sweat pants and an apron.

Reading…see last week’s post!

Praying…for perseverance…it’s so easy to get side tracked.  May God continue to support me in my earnest desire to simplify and prioritize…

Hearing…the quiet conversation of my little girls.  The boys are in Muncie, IN with our good friend, Hilaire.

Around the house…zucchini to shred and freeze.  Tomatoes…slowly ripening.  Gladioli, sunflowers and zinnias blooming.  Lots and lots of green…

One of my favorite things…my aprons.  I need a few more…snazzy and fun ones.  Time to sew…

Here’s a picture thought I am sharing with you

A sunflower…as seen by little Emily, age 6.  She took this all by herself!