Feeling oh, so much better!

So much so, that on Thursday we had friends over for the first time in three weeks…

The house has been suffering from the lack of motherly care, though the children have kept things reasonably tidy, considering the circumstances.

But then there’s my pride…seeing the dust, seeing the dirt…directing the “troops” to tidy this and that…it came together quite quickly.

Until I walked into the girls’ room…

Disaster! And there was simply no way that I could “get down and dirty” and help undo the damage.

I approached 7 year old Charlotte.


“Charlotte…your room is a disaster. You know…if you picked up the laundry, put away the books and dolls, pulled up the covers and picked up the paper it would look much better in no time…”


“Don’t worry, Mom. I’ve gotten it taken care of. I’ll be right back!”

Pen in hand, she makes a sign and posts it, with considerable pride, for all her friends to see:

You have been warned. Enter at your own risk…