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FOR TODAY – August 24 , 2009

Outside my Window…gathering light and the chirp of crickets.  A hazy mist is rising over the endless sea of soy surrounding the house…it’s 6:30 a.m. and a deliciously chilly 52 degrees…

Thinking…of my family, both near and far.  Is it too soon for Thanksgiving?  How I want to gather everyone together…catch up and share.  These past few weeks of “down-time” have given me ample opportunity to reflect on how much my family means to me.  Home…is…good.  There’s no place I’d rather be, no people I’d rather see, no sight as lovely as the faces of those nearest and dearest to me gathered at the table at the day’s close…

Thankful for…the warm, sunny days that ripened my tomatoes and the cool days that quickly replaced them!  For a profusion of those same tomatoes.  For sunflowers dancing merrily outside my windows.  For the bright pink light of sunrise that is flooding my kitchen.  Summer is fleeting and Fall is just around the corner…I’m ready.  Ready for pumpkins and apples, sweaters and bonfires, falling leaves and early dusk…

From the kitchen…a non-traditional breakfast for hubby and me.  Thick, crispy bacon and juicy slices of yellow and red striped tomatoes…these slices are the size of salad plates!  BLTs…yum!  For the children:  cold cereal and hot zucchini muffins. For dinner: cheese stuffed pasta with sweet italian sausage and pesto. Grilled eggplant and homemade breadsticks. Need to go the grocery store and pick up fruit. None in the house!

Faith and learning…the classroom is nearly complete.  Art supplies are neatly organized, resource materials handily available.  Our first day of school:  September 7th.

Creating…the planner is finished.  A collection of 85 printable forms for a customized planner for the traditional Catholic family attached to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.  I really like the “print as you need” format.  This allows me to have all lesson plans in one binder, rather than having a separate planner for each of my six students.  I previewed it for a few friends after Mass yesterday…seems this is what a lot of moms are looking for.  I’ll be posting the preview today or tomorrow.  Scribd doesn’t translate it very well…but will at least give you and idea of what it consists.

Planning…school year, household chores, long term/short term goals, menus…you name it.  Just like last month!

Wearing…tshirt, sweat pants and an apron.  It’s chilly!

ReadingMater et Magistra.  A friend allowed me to borrow her copy.  What a delight.  Every year, when I order school books, I order a “mommy treat”…something to uplift and encourage me as I approach the new school year.  This year:  Mater et Magistra.  Check it out!

Praying…for my husband and my children.  For an increase in faith.  For courage in the face of adversity.  For a generous heart.  That I may love better…

Hearing…mostly silence.

Around the house…an abundant harvest.  Hundreds of tomatoes rapidly ripening.  I’m giving them away as fast as I can!  10 gallons of green beans, 5 gallons of yellow squash put up.  Enough zucchini shredded for 60 loaves of bread.  A gallon of pesto, frozen, and another quart of chopped basil with olive oil, frozen.  A vegetable bin full of fresh eggplant and zucchini…and many, many more veggies given and to be given away!

One of my favorite things…filling in a new planner.  There’s much hope in plans written down…accountability is a good thing!

Here’s a picture thought I am sharing with you

A couple of our Monarchs…we have five more preparing to exit their cocoons: