Okay…I think it’s nearly finished.  I held a preview for a few of my friends after Mass yesterday, and it seems this is what many traditional Catholic moms are looking for…

A traditional Catholic planner based on the liturgical calendar observed in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

I finally managed to locate a Word-to-PDF converter that made a faithful transition between the file modes. The resulting preview is far better than the one prior.

Here’s a brief peek at a few pages:

*fill in the date pages, with suggested feasts, and an optional page for 2010 which includes papal intentions.  (these pages are meant to be three hole punched as followed:  page one, punched on the right, page two punched on the left…this allows the user the have both pages opened to view the entire month at one time). At first, I thought I’d stick with the fill-in version, however, I quickly realized that unless I included daily “feast and feria” days, I would be constantly referring to my FSSP wall calendar. So I’ve included a dated version, for those of us who suffer the same irritation (you’re in good company!)



*weekly lesson plans:  I’m using a binder with page dividers for each of my children.

*a list of traditional feast days, many which are particular favorites of our family, with the suggestion that you research your own Name days and special days, should you find the list not quite comprehensive.

*Suggestions for celebrating many traditional feast days, including appropriate activities and foods. This is just one section on Advent…

*Ten Minute Tidy list, master grocery list, daily chore list, Time To Pray list for prayer intentions, menu planner…and a whole lot more.

I’m still “tweaking” it, so if you have any suggestions, fire away! What do you need most? I’ve only included a few pages here, but am open to any and all suggestions that might improve the usability of the planner. Let me know what you think…


COMING SOON: A better explanation as to how I’ve assemble my binder, as well as pictures…