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August 25, 2009

Welcome to Sacred Heart Academy!

Welcome to our new classroom…

For those of you who are regular visitors, you’ll notice a few changes.  We are no longer upstairs, as much as I enjoyed my “loft-styled” classroom, it was a bit impractical for several reasons.  In the summer:  very, very hot.  In the winter:  extremely cold.

Add to that the occasional “escapee” – you know what I’m talking about:  the child that says, “excuse me, Mom, but may I (go to the bathroom, get a drink, retrieve a book, etc.)?  Mom says “yes” and returns to the rest of the scholars.  Twenty minutes later she realizes child X has not returned.  Hmm.  Yes.  Now that our classroom is downstairs, right in the center of the action so to speak, I expect a great improvement in class attendance!

The younger children are quite pleased with the decision to utilize a table for school work…we’ve done away with the desks for the younger scholars.  The jr. high and high school student will be working independently.  One likes his desk, the other prefers a more casual approach…on the floor, on his bed…rather like a college student in his dorm.

And we’ve converted the old classroom into a lovely chapel.  Photos of the chapel to follow soon…still purging the bookcases!…

So…here is our new “downstairs” classroom:

Emily is already busy with arts and crafts projects…

Mom’s desk and computer…not much will get past me here!

Our “good reads” bookcase and a “communion of saints” – even the gnomes have come to call! :

Science corner and craft work table for the little girls…there’s even a mirror to practice making the sign of the Cross:

Our Science shelf. This is the International Year of Astronomy and that’s our focus…we just received our Galileoscope…a nice edition:

A close-up of the mirror…a really cute idea from Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Many days, my little girls look like umpires signaling the pitcher to throw a curve ball. This helps:

Our liturgical display…ready for September!

A really nice place to store our school supplies and resource materials:

I’m still working on it…a few more things to put up, here and there and our “nature table” to set up, but otherwise, we’re ready for business. Thanks for visiting with us!


Prayer request…

My dear friend’s oldest daughter, Charis, is having outpatient surgery on Thursday to remove an accessory navicular. Would you please pray for her? She has quite a few weeks of recovery ahead of her and the family is scheduled to move in a couple months. Sandra would greatly appreciate any and all prayers for her daughter’s speedy recovery and a peaceful transition to their new community…

Thanks, friends!!

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