Dear Friends:

It’s my sincere desire to make the planner available for no charge, to you…the homeschooling, traditional Catholic mom.  Affordability is such a key factor in the life of the large, and even not-so-large, homeschooling family.  Consider it a gift, given in thanksgiving for the many good gifts God continues to give this family.

It will take me a little while, but I hope to post each and every page on Scribd…then it will be as simple as printing it up.  Bear with me…I’ll be posting a few pages, everyday and will provide suggestions for assembly.


**UPDATE**Here is the link for my Scribd folder

Nearly all documents are uploaded, with the exception of calendar pages. I currently have pages (dated, with the appropriate feast) for September through December…should be enough to get you started, until I can finish the remainder. I do have all the “blank” calendar pages completed, just not uploaded.