Here are few suggestions for assembling the Embracing Tradition Catholic Planner.

You will need:

A printer
Three-hole punch
Clear pocket front binder
Clear tabbed dividers
Notebook paper (optional!)

Print the cover page and place inside clear pocket on front:

(Not so very fancy, but I’m eyeing a really pretty toille print that I’ll probably utilize as the insert, cutting the bordered image of the Holy Family and gluing it down…ala scrapbooking!)

Print all the forms you need. Here’s a suggestion: if you decide to print front and back, you’ll need to work your pages around so that each month will “open up” properly…for example the May 2 pages would have the June 1 page printed on the front…the June 2 pages would have the July 1 page printed on the back. You would also want to use a heavier grade paper, to prevent bleed-through of ink…the advantage: no left-right punching of pages required…just simply punch on the right side of every page.

I didn’t do any of that…I simply printed pages as they are, and three hole punched them as follows:

Calendar and lesson plan pages should look like this:

All remaining pages may be punched on the right:

Now…tabbed dividers…

I’ve created the following tabbed dividers:

Monthly Planner/Liturgical Year
(Calendar pages are filed behind this tab)

A divider page with the name of each one of my six scholars
(Weekly lesson plans and information pertinent to that particular student)

A “Mom” divider
(Self-explanatory…I keep my devotion log “Time To Pray” here, as well as grocery lists, to do lists, birthday lists, etc…)

(Advent Customs, Foods, Progression, etc. pages…and anything else pertinent to the season!)

(Pre-Lenten and Lenten Customs and Observations, etc.)

(Paschaltide Customs, Foods, etc.)

(Post-Pentecosts Customs, Foods, etc.)

Ideas and Suggestions
(Self-explanatory…I keep notebook paper and print-outs…anything to jog my memory for future liturgical celebrations!)

Master Forms
(Extra blank forms of my Master Grocery list, Time To Pray, etc.)

I also have a three-hole punch pocket folder that I keep in the very back of the planner. I keep my state required homeschool notification letter, CAT test scores and Excuse From Compulsory Attendance letter…just in case…

Feel free to experiment. I hope you find the pages and suggestions useful.

And now…I must get back to my own planner! School starts in just a few short days…I’ve much to plan!