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FOR TODAY – August 31 , 2009

Outside my Window…cold and dark…just a hint of light, black trees silhouetted against the indigo sky.  6:20 a.m. and 46 degrees…

Thinking…about the upcoming school year.  I’m such a giddy optimist when planning!  The coming school year stretches before me, like a parchment scroll, just waiting to be written…If only I could retain such optimism during the “dry times…”

We all suffer this, don’t we?  If only I could package my enthusiasm into little gift boxes…too be opened when needed!  I’m going to work on that…strategies for avoiding or at least diminishing the “end of the year blues…”

Suggestions are most welcome!

Thankful for…my school books…which are arriving slowly, but surely.  For a lovely weekend…most especially Sunday’s Mass.  For my friends and family…

From the kitchen…hot coffee with Chocolate Caramel Creamer.  Eggs, sausage and toast for hubby and I…pancakes for the kiddies.  For dinner:  leftover ribs, baked potatoes, corn and salad.

Faith and learning…I’m filling out my new planner with this year’s lesson plans.  Painting a few more saints, adding a few finishing touches to the classroom, and will be finishing up the chapel this week.

Creating…the last few pages for the planner.  And hubby is making us one of these.  Aren’t the vestments exquisite?  The internet can be such a wonderful place…so many generous families, sharing their ideas…I don’t think I could homeschool quite as well without it!

Planning…the school year, menus, etc.  Also a Michaelmas celebration.  The Feast of St. Michael is a real big deal around here…I’m thinking that a barbecue, bonfire, hayride to the woods with our many dear friends would be a lot of fun…I have nearly a month to plan!

Wearing…flannel pajama pants, tshirt, polar fleece sweater and socks.  It’s ccccoooollld!!!

Reading…school books!  How else can I write my lesson plans??!!

Praying…constantly.  Trying to remember to greet my Lord before my feet ever hit the floor…to let His name be the last on my lips before sleep closes my eyes…I’m not always so faithful, but I’m trying!

Hearing…my husband’s alarm.  I wonder how long he’ll let it ring.


Better stop typing, and go shake him!

I’m back now…he’s awake!

Around the house…fairly orderly downstairs…the upstairs needs serious attention!

One of my favorite things…these quiet moments before everyone rises, kitten curling around my ankles as I type, the now nearly completely lightened sky…the sun is about to rise!

Here’s a picture thought I am sharing with you

Country living…