Nine year old Gareth loves nature…he’s an avid wildflower collector, insect afficionado and fossil finder.

His greatest joy is watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon. We’ve had quite a few this season, and Gareth loves to escort each of the emergents to their new home outside amongst the zinnias.

A couple of days ago, he made this video. It’s always a delightful surprise to find these audio/video treats hidden within a file of recently uploaded photos…rather like a window into his secret world.

It may surprise a few of you that I keep the camera on standby for the children to use. They’ve been instructed on its delicacy and the need to treat it as a tool and not a toy. They always ask permission first and receive the reminder to use the strap to avoid an accidental drop. In return, I get to see the world through their eyes…and what a lovely world it is!

I love my young naturalist. There are six more cocoons in our observation jar…I’m quite sure that Gareth will be enthusiastically recording the rest of his friends as they arrive!