For thirteen years of life with our good Gawain…steadfast, loving, affectionate, and obedient…oh, so many more adjectives that could describe this boy, who from this day forward will be called, “young man.” Happy Birthday, son!

Happy Birthday, to a fine young man!
Happy Birthday, to a fine young man!

For good friends who shared this afternoon with us, marking the day in a special way. For the yummy brownies and gifts, and from this mom who is feeling quite unwell, a special thanks for the vitamins and echinacea!

For my dear husband, who’s out buying a loaf of french bread and milk so that I can finish making dinner…Gawain wants potato soup more than anything. Yep…the Soup of Suffering! Isn’t he adorable?

For that same dear son who is patient enough to understand that the real birthday celebration is being postponed…just a bit. His cake of choice? A garbage cake. He wants me to design a cake that looks like the City Dump. Complete with banana peels, fish heads and worms. This should be interesting…

If you have the time, would you leave Gawain a birthday greeting?  I can’t offer him very much right now, but good wishes and prayers are of infinite worth…