There it was again.  That strange croaking noise, early in the morning…like a car trying to start or a really, really hoarse dog attempting to bark…

But it wasn’t a car.  Or a dog.

It was a rooster…or, dare I say it…TWO roosters.

That’s right, folks.  Cecilia and Penny are actually Cecil and Penn.


I didn’t want roosters.  As quaint as it may seem to wake up to the “cock’s crow” – it really doesn’t work that way.  You see…roosters don’t crow in the morning.  They crow morning…noon…and night.  And they are terribly aggressive.  Especially when you have two males.  Never mind that each can have two hens apiece…that’s not nearly good enough.  One of these guys wants to “rule the roost.”

I’m thinking Coq au VinChicken Cacciatore.  Or maybe Chicken Parmagiana.  Cruel?  Perhaps.  But I didn’t sign up for cockfighting.  No…I was simply looking for a few free range chicken eggs and the sweet clucking of a few companionable hens.

Dinner anyone?