…from the classroom window!

Renee at Go East, They Said has a delightful idea.  She’s posting a weekly picture of the view from her exquisite picture window to show the changing seasons.  Barb is joining in, and so shall I!  I don’t have a “picture window,” but I do have a lovely view from a couple rooms…and the classroom window will be the most convenient, as it is just to the left of my desk.   I had to clean the window of the smudgy kid prints…my young ones are frequently lifting the screen to pass things in and out to one another and can’t resist touching the glass.  I lifted the screen, as well, to get a clearer shot.  So here’s the view:

Green grass abounds, zinnias still blooming, soy fields are changing from gold to amber, and leaves are just beginning to tinge pink and red.

Will you join us?  I’d love to see your window to the world as the seasons change…