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FOR TODAY – November 2, 2009

Outside my Window….the sun rising, a vivid pink ball of fire in a pale blue/pink tinged sky.  Bright pink and orange patches of light pushing back the shadows in the classroom.  Jack Frost has traced a pretty pattern upon the grass and leaves this morning.  28 degrees on this frosty November morn…

Thinking…that the month of November starts off in the best way possible!  Two great Feast days, All Saints and All Souls, set the tone.  Advent is nearly upon us and this month provides so many wonderful opportunities for all to “prepare the way of the Lord…”

Thankful for…sweet Charlotte’s First Holy Communion day.  It couldn’t have been lovelier…nor could she!  The best part?  Her excitement all week following that great day.  “I get to receive Jesus again…every time now…until I die!”  Ah!! That I should have that fervor as I contemplate each Mass!

From the kitchen…Hot coffee, soft-boiled eggs and soldiers.  Lunch: mac n’ cheese. Dinner: pork roast with herbes de provence, roasted potatoes, onions and carrots; sliced pears and homemade biscuits. Yum, yum!

Faith and learning…school is back is session!  I’m so very glad…I’ve missed the rhythm of our day and that blessed feeling of accomplishment that comes from a hard day’s work well done.  And sometimes, not so well done…but done, nonetheless!  So, it’s back to the books.  We’ll continue our study of Astronomy, armed with a fantastic new telescope…a precious gift from our dearest friends.  We’ve wrapped up our Ohio studies unit, will finish up those lapbooks and begin our American History studies.

This week I’ll be printing up report cards.  Do you issue report cards?  My children love them, and are so motivated by seeing the results of their efforts.  Here’s a template I created several years ago, should you wish to use it (there are two pages to print, front and back…card folds in the middle):

Creating…I so need to get back to my knitting. I owe my dad a pair of socks!!

Planning…just school. It’s lovely to be able to focus on one thing…at least for now!

Wearing…blue jeans, blue cable knit sweater, pink turtleneck and socks.

Reading…little bits of this n’ that…nothing heavy. Children’s books and school texts…

Praying…for friends who are sick, friends who are moving, family health and that this second round of antibiotics knocks out this evil malady. Yep…still sick. Since September 7th…I believe this is a new record for me!

Hearing…the children dressing and arguing over who owns the St. Maximilian Kolbe card. We have three of them…

Around the house…kind of scruffy. Not terrible, but a little unkempt. And laundry, of course. Always laundry…

One of my favorite things…Daylight Savings Time. Yep…I’m one of the weirdies that actually like the early dusk, early sunrise. I sleep better and appreciate the peace that comes with an earlier bedtime for all…it’s so hard to sleep in the summer, when the sun has only just set…

Here’s a picture thought I am sharing with you

My favorite picture of Charlotte, from her First Holy Communion: